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Who We Are


360 Investment Real Estate sounds stuffy, right? Nah. We are a group of Brokers in Seattle and Dallas tired of working with other Brokers who don’t care. We care. We care about our Broker Partners by helping them build a life they want to live and achieve. Naturally, it produces happy Brokers, which, in the end = happy clients. Sounds nice, right? We forgot to mention that we all have been in Commercial and Residential Real Estate for a combined 35+ years. We love life and have fun, however, we also are uber knowledgeable, results-driven brokers, marketing specialists, agents and coordinators.


Now, on to the more serious side (it won’t take long). Our team of professionals is backed by the most innovative and scalable technology the Multi-Family, Commercial, Residential Real Estate and Property Management industry has to offer. We are experts at helping our clients with the acquisition, disposition, or development of investment real estate. Whether you are selling a single asset or large portfolio, we will provide you with unparalleled market information, brokerage advisory and financial guidance to help you achieve the highest level of results.


If portfolio expansion is your objective, we can help you identify opportunities in the market, guide you through the 1031 Exchange process and acquire assets that will help you meet or exceed your investment goals. 360's offices are located in Bellevue, Washington keeping us with all major tech companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google, T Mobile with decades of combined experience, our track record speaks for itself.


360 Investment Real Estate proactively communicates with all of our 169 offices with KW, the world's largest real estate technology company - representing 33.8% of the industry's top brokerages handling $233.8 billion in sales.

Oh, one more thing that is SUPER important. We power 360 Commercial and 360 Luxury under our umbrella. Just keeps things nice and tidy. just the way we like it.

Whew. Oh, it wasn’t that bad. Wait until you get one of us on the phone.

Work With Us

Whether its about selling your biggest asset to managing it - we have it all right here. The right people. The best-in-class business. The best partners.